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Good Food Fast

I ate a smoked cheddar and avocado sandwich on whole wheat bread for lunch yesterday from John Edward’s Market. This sandwich was indescribably delicious, even though it had sliced radishes and shredded carrots. I really don’t like radishes and I prefer my carrots roasted or in carrot cake but neither vegetable bothered me in this … Continue reading

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Enemy Thy Name Is Cranberry

I made oatmeal cookies with white chocolate chips and dried cranberries this weekend for my son, Maine boy’s, lunches this week. And in exchange for my efforts, Maineboy ate one and said, “you made cookies with my two worst things, oats and raisins.” Actually, they were dried cranberries but when you’re a finicky 8-year-old, every … Continue reading

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Yoga Practice

Yoga Practice Finally, 50 degrees here today so I did my practice on the screened in yoga porch and didn’t freeze my tootsies off. I’m just getting my practice built back up from hanging by a thread so I didn’t go nuts. Here’s what I did: Warm up: Mountain pose Forward bend Mountain pose Forward … Continue reading

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A Pepperidge Farm Moment of Horror

I had a moment of horror in my kitchen this afternoon while dividing a package of Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked Mystic sugar cookies into little plastic baggies for my son’s lunches this week. There were just eight cookies in the container for which I’d paid $3.49-not including tax. Irritated about the price for less than … Continue reading

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Quick but Colorful Lunch

I will eat things made by Noel at my local natural foods store, John Edwards Market, in Ellsworth, Maine that I would not otherwise make myself. Such as putting quinoa in a wrap. I also don’t eat tofu, unless its in one her southwestern tofu wraps, then its fabulous and she works such magic with … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading: Michael Ruhlman Elements of Cooking

I found this little gem while browsing the clearance rack at Books-A-Million this week or BAM as the chain calls itself. I love Michael Ruhlman. Check out his blog Michael Ruhlman – Translating the Chef’s Craft for Every Kitchen kitchen. I first discovered Ruhlman on my mother’s bookshelf.  She had his “The Reach of a Chef,” in … Continue reading

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Chocolate / Google Image Result for

Chocolate / Google Image Result for via Chocolate / Google Image Result for I really need chocolate truffles tonight. No explanation I can give without giving too much information. These,�a glass of wine, a hot water bottle and some really wretched reality tv and I’ll be good. Oh and a few Aleve. via … Continue reading