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Yoga Practice

Yoga Practice

Finally, 50 degrees here today so I did my practice on the screened in yoga porch and didn’t freeze my tootsies off.

I’m just getting my practice built back up from hanging by a thread so I didn’t go nuts.

Here’s what I did:
Warm up:
Mountain pose
Forward bend
Mountain pose
Forward bend
Down dog
A collapsing chaturanga (my specialty)
Baby cobra
Down dog
Mountain pose
Forward bend
Tree pose

Then I did part of Soar into Splits home practice from the Yoga Journal magazine Beyond the Basics. This is one of my favorite practices because I like the repetition and the hip and inner thigh opening it provides. However, since I’m working my way back-slowly- into a more rigorous practice, I just did one round per side instead of three rounds.

Here’s what you do:

Low lunge
Half monkey god pose
Three limbed forward bend
Revolved side angle pose
Intense side stretch
Wide legged standing forward bend
Half hero pose
Low lunge
Down dog

Once you do three rounds each side, you go into full monkey god pose Hanumanasana but since I only did one round, I didn’t want to push it. It’s been several months since I’ve done this routine.

Then I finished with a camel and corpse.

Intention: be open to everything and everything

Thought: my teacher recently left the Anusara yoga family so I wonder if I should still be chanting the Anusara invocation before my practice?


2 thoughts on “Yoga Practice

  1. I can sympathize with you re Anusara. I wonder if it might be a solution to mentally separate the practice, which has benefited loads of people, from the few names at the top of the organisation who abused their position. Essentially, at least to my mind, these two things are not the same.

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