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Smoked Cheddar and Avocado Sandwich

Smoked Cheddar and Avocado Sandwich

I ate a smoked cheddar and avocado sandwich on whole wheat bread for lunch yesterday from John Edward’s Market.
This sandwich was indescribably delicious, even though it had sliced radishes and shredded carrots. I really don’t like radishes and I prefer my carrots roasted or in carrot cake but neither vegetable bothered me in this sandwich at all.
There was also a big slice of tomato, sliced zuchini, lettuce, cilantro and the piece de resistance, tomato pepper jelly.
The sandwich was so good and the jelly tasted so amazing I had to call the market’s sandwich maker Noel and inquire about it.
Clever cook she is, Noel for the pepper jelly, had
cooked down Roma tomatoes, which she had sautéed with garlic and carmelized onions. She said she cooked the tomatoes for a long time until they were almost a jelly. Then she mixed it into Nervous Nellie’s hot pepper jelly. The effect was a really, really sweet heat. Perfect with the vegetables and the smoked cheddar. The hot pepper jelly, unlike most I’ve tried, had ginger in it, which worked well with the carrots.
I should note that the smokiness of the cheddar combined with the thick slice of tomato almost tricked my brain into thinking I was having a BLT, heavy on the B.
Noel suggested that if I want to try to make my own tomato pepper jelly, I could try using canned tomatoes to try to save some time. I may do that.


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