My Journey with P90

My Journey with P90: First Circuit Court of Tony Horton

I did my first circuit today, level 1. It was easier than I thought but I used the exercise band because I can’t remember where I put my free weights.
To give some perspective about where my fitness level is, I’ve been doing yoga for three years, two of them pretty intensely-five to six sessions a week of 45 to 90 minutes. I’ve slacked off quite a bit in the past year and have consequently gained a lot of weight–not just from slowing down my yoga practice but that is part of it.

My reason for doing the P90: I need to lose weight and as much as I love yoga and will never let it go, I don’t get enough of a cardio workout unless I’m with my teacher. And I’m only getting to her every couple of months thanks to my crazed work schedule.

I am not following the diet. I am trying to eat sensibly with lots of vegetables and paying attention to satiety cues. I haven’t worked out six days a week in years and I really think that I need to pace myself with this program. I can handle being sore but being really hungry and sore will turn me into a raving biatch…

Note: one reason I like this program is Tony himself. He is not offensive or annoying at all, like so many of these exercise dvd jockeys.


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