My Journey with P90: Skimming off the Fat

As I said earlier, I’m not following a strict beach body diet. I am trying to eat healthily and stopping all food intake at least three hours before bed and not eating before I work out. In looking at his food guide, I noticed he recommends skim milk. I have been drinking two percent but I’ve had skim in the past so I gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I like skim better than two percent. It tastes less cow-ish. I’ve never been a milk maid but I’ve tried to drink two glasses a day to keep my bones healthy. Replacing the two percent with the skim will save me 70 grams of fat a week or 280 grams of fat a month. Not too shabby.

Today was a circuit day. Instead of the band, I used three pound dumbbells. It felt pretty easy but I’m going to stick with the three’s for another few days I think.


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