My Journey with P90

My Journey with P90: Day Five: Say No To Shoed Yoga

Today was my last cardio session of the first week. Hurray. Tomorrow is my last circuit then a day break. I’ve decided to encourage myself with a little carrot for getting through each week. If I get through my circuit in the morning, I’ll order some new songs for my iPod.
If I’m successful with week two, I’ll get a pedicure.

The thing I don’t like about P90 is the power yoga warmup. I’ve been doing yoga for three years. It is to be done barefoot. It’s really uncomfortable for me to do these poses with athletic shoes on. I really don’t like it and I feel like the shoes slow me down and make me clunky. I tried one day, I think Saturday, doing the yoga poses without shoes on, then pausing the tape briefly to get my shoes on. I think I’m going to do that again. I just get in a bad mood doing shoed yoga. It goes against everything I’ve been taught. And it feels wrong.


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