My Journey with P90 / Yoga

My Journey with P90: Day Six, Not Feeling Challenged

Today was my last day of my first week of the P90. I have to say, the cardio is challenging but the circuit training, except for the pushups, is not at all. I progressed to five pound dumbbells today and I expected to be tired or a little sore as the day progressed but I’m feeling like I haven’t worked out at all.
I think I’m going to check out one of the P90 message boards to see what other people’s experiences have been.
I have weight to lose but I am strong. I have muscles that I never had before because of yoga. And I think even though my practice has slowed considerably in the past year, except for this week of P90, I have more muscle still than I realize.

Is it a hassle to postpone my day by 45 minutes to get a workout in? Yes.

Do I like sweating on the cardio days? No

Am I planning to try to continue the program? Yes.

I feel good when I’m finished each day and I’ve found I have more energy for my afternoon yoga practice. And even better, because I’ve already “worked out” I don’t feel the need to push myself on the mat. I’m spending more time sitting in silence and listening to my body, letting it guide me through poses instead of me intellectualizing what my body should do.


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