My Journey with P90

My Journey with P90: Week Two Day One (or Day 8)

I had my day off yesterday. Today was my first cardio of the second week. I literally went through the motions.
I’ve been dealing with a migraine or a cluster headache since Wednesday morning at 9 and it was still lingering this morning. Because I am the type of person who automatically assumes I’m having a stroke when I get a head pain, I wanted to take it easy. But, I didn’t want to not work out unless this headache was my subconscious testing me to see if I could get out of working out by faking an illness to myself. Do I sound crazy? I swear I’m not. Or at least, I don’t think I am.
Anyway, I’m feeling better this afternoon and am hoping I feel even better tomorrow morning so I can once again put forth a good amount of effort.


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