My Journey with P90

My Journey with P90: Pushing Up

Week 2, day 2 circuit.
Again, I’m finding this a really easy routine but I’ve been doing bent leg pushups so I decided I needed to try full body pushups, which I did fine with. I just have a mental pushup block left over from my first 37 years of life, which were my pre-yoga days. Even when I was in my early 20’s and working out all the time, even lifting, I struggled to do pushups.
Yoga has given me a huge amount (for me) of upper body strength and functional strength. I was able to do all the pushups with my legs straight save the last seven in the group of 21 that’s done towards the end of the workout.

I had a little bit of a pain in my temple after I got up and walked around this morning but it seems to have vanished (let’s hope fingers crossed) so I was really able to give today’s workout my all.

I need to start taking the protein shakes and creatine.

I’m also going to up my weight on the bicep curls. I’m using five pound dumbbells on almost everything but one of the exercises but the biceps are ridiculously easy. So I’m going to look for 7.5 pounders this weekend.


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