My Journey with P90

P90: Week 2 Endorphinless Wednesday

I didn’t blog on days 5 and 6 and now its day 1 of week three so I’m having trouble remembering how they went.
I do know that instead of weights for shoulders on day 6, I used the band. I was feeling a little twinge-y in my left shoulder.

What I am not enjoying, ironically enough, are my days off on Wednesday. I don’t know if its a fluke but my Wednesdays have just been wretched. I don’t know if it’s a lack of endorphins or missing that feeling of accomplishment or what but my two days off so far have been really unpleasant. I’ve been cranky and just totally off my groove.

So, I think my plan for next Wednesday, instead of doing nothing, is to take my day off from P90 and do a brisk yoga practice instead.

I wonder how addictive endorphins are? Anyone know?


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