My Journey with P90: Month Two Week One

Note, I’ve fallen behind my posting schedule. Today, technically is Month Two Week Two. But here is my review of last week.

My butt is sore on this month two, week one, day one of P90.
The past two weeks on Thursdays, my first day of the schedule, I’ve been tired in the mornings so I’ve worked out in the afternoon. But, I really prefer to get it over with so even though I was tempted to postpone it this morning, I got it over with.
What helps is keeping my sneakers and workout clothes by the bed, as silly as that sounds, it really works. I guess it’s kind of Pavlovian.
My plan is to do level 1, 2 for another month. However, my dvd started skipping a couple days ago and I haven’t called to get a replacement yet. So, there’s a chance I may have to shuffle along with dvd of level 3-4 because skipping a day doesn’t seem like an option. Tony has brainwashed me.

I got a pedicure yesterday as a reward for not missing any of the first 30 days, except for my one day off a week. It wasn’t terribly relaxing because I just went to one of those quickie Asian places at the mall but he did a really good job. No dead skin left anywhere. I had my toes painted kind of a deep brown color, which reminds me of chocolate. Sigh. There’s no escape.


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